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Flood Clean-Up Still Going On

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Billings residents are still cleaning up after the storm that rolled through two weeks ago causing flooding.

"I'm still cleaning up the sand and the debris from the backyard," said Bob Reighard.

"I've done everything myself, but in the backyard I've got silt in there probably 6, 8, 10 inches deep," said Floyd Beecher. "I've either got to rent a bobcat or hire somebody to dig that mud out of there"

Flood waters sent logs and mud into their yards. It even pushed up pieces of asphalt into people's driveways and took out the smaller roads along Alkali Creek Road.

Now, they're just moving the debris onto the side of the road for the county to pick up. County Commissioner Jim Reno says pick-up started Thursday. He says they will not pick up things like refrigerators or carpets and will not go onto private property to pick up debris.