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Small Wyoming School Wins National Award

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A tiny Wyoming country school wins a national award and a new playground.

Only six students in Valley Elementary School collected almost 90,000 beverage cans for recycling.The little school is on the Southfork about 40 miles south of Cody. It won the Great American Can Roundup with an average of 430 pounds of recycled cans per student.

The school staff of two plans to use their $5,000 national award and $1,000 state award to buy new playground equipment. The playground is surrounded by a tall fence, because grizzly bears sometimes wander through the area.

"We collected 2,582 pounds of aluminum. That, going back to some numbers is the equivalent of roughly 90,000 cans of aluminum," says Kelly Merager, Valley Principal.

The principal says they got help from the small community as well as the students asking friends and neighbors to pitch in on the drive.