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Magazine Features Local Photographer

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A video-based magazine out of Maryland makes Billings its first stop during a national filming tour.

The company is called Photovision.

Every year, 10 outstanding studios are featured through the company. Clark Marten says the website has an audience of 30 to 40-thousand photographers.

"This gives us more of an opportunity to have larger prints, and show off a little bit more of what we're doing. And so I think they felt comfortable doing the work with us, and it was fun just to be with them again," said Clark Marten, Clark Marten Photography Owner.

This year, the photography studios that have made an impact in their community, and have art-form photography were chosen. Clark Marten Photography was featured in last year's show, and the company came back to see his new studio in Billings.

"These guys are just constantly thinking outside the box and creating new and exciting products for their clients and new. So, I know I have a winner when I come here," said Ed Pierce, Photovision Producer.

Pierce says he will be going to Idaho, California, Okalahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia. The segments will be available in January.