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Petition To Remove Baugh


One woman is leading a charge to have Judge G. Todd Baugh removed from the bench after the outcome of the case involving Stacey Rambold.

Marian Bradley from Billings says the case hit close to home.

Her stepdaughter was sexually assaulted before she adopted her. Marian, along with 345 sexual assault survivors and their family members, signed an open letter to the Montana Judicial Standards Commission to have Judge G. Todd Baugh removed from the bench.

The judge sentenced Rambold to 31 days for violating the terms of a plea agreement, which Baugh says may have been an illegal sentence. After reviewing Montana Code, Judge Baugh says the minimum amount of jail time is actually two years.

According to Montana Code and a precedent setting case, the only way to correct an illegal sentence is to appeal, and the state is in the process of doing so.