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Economic Trends in Billings

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The Billings Chamber of Commerce's annual luncheon was Wednesday. The meeting invited a keynote speaker to discuss important economic trends to help businesses plan for the future.

Rocky Mountain West economist Dr. Larry Swanson says the economy is in the midst of a recovery and expects steady growth. He says the aging population will lead to different consumption patterns and labor force.

"Some opportunities are going to be created for some kinds of businesses while for others, you know, it's going to be a different picture," Dr. Swanson said. "So I think small business people and business people in general are just trying to get a sense of the shape of things going forward"

Swanson says the healthcare and financial services industries will continue to grow. The main change, according to Swanson, will be in construction and real estate because that industry is smaller than before due to the recession.

However, he says Billings is in a position to do well in the future.