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Lockwood Community to Address Growth

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Whether you define a community by its residents or resources, amenities like schools, streets, and hospitals become an important part of that community.

Lockwood residents are planning to address the city's expansion involving those items. There are 8,000 residents and counting. The once rural Lockwood community is booming and city managers say they need basic amenities many take for granted. "Lockwood needs a lot of things, but I think the main thing is to get the sewer in first, because that's the deepest part, and then you can worry about the sidewalks and things like that," Lockwood Water Assistant Manager; Tony Reed said.

Tony Reed said residents would vote on the second phase of the sewer construction plan November 2013. If approved, the nearly $9.7 million project would allow Lockwood's nearly 1,000 homeowners to share a sewage system with Billings, rather than using septic tanks or drain fields. "The city of Lockwood is going to need a sewer system, and at some point everyone is going to need a sewer system. The best thing to do is to get it done now, because construction prices never go down," Reed said.

Lockwood steering committee chairman, Don Reed, said city leaders sent out surveys to learn the residents' biggest concerns. "The preliminary feedback we got from those surveys was that the two biggest concerns were transportation, like riding your bike safely, sidewalks and streets; and the other one is a new high school," Don Reed said.

Don Reed said it's exciting to see the growing community hold on to its rural values. "The thing I feel that is important is that these changes is that we are the ones taking charge of the change. We are the ones determining the way Lockwood is going to be. Instead of having somebody from outside dictating what happens. We would like to take charge of that," Don Reed said.

The community assessment kicks off Monday and goes until Tuesday. Both meetings will take place in the Lockwood Eileen Johnson Middle School Commons at 7:00 PM. Don Reed said everyone in the community is invited to attend.