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Board Members to Discuss Bond

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School District Two board members met to review their recent decision to put a multi-million dollar bond before the voters in November.

There were three items on the agenda. Perhaps the biggest discussion was, 'what will be the most effective way to fund the school's deferred maintenance. "Obviously when you talk about saving money, everybody's ears perk up," School District Two Board Chairman; Allan Halter said.

Hatler said nearly $36 million, should the $122 million bond pass, is designated to deferred maintenance. "We really want to fix all the schools for our teachers, for our students, and show equality in that," Halter said.

Trustees are discussing whether to fund maintenance through a bond, which will cost taxpayers interest, or through a building reserve levy. Halter said there are pros and cons for each payment method, and he's confident the board will make the right decision. "Our town is growing. This is vital part in our town our education. How can we put new buildings up. How can we get our gets educated equally. It's all important and that's what we're trying to do," Halter said.

Halter said the remaining balance would pay for two new middle schools, better technology, and improvements to the McKinley and Broadwater schools. "Since I've been on in the last couple of years, I really understand the issue. It is a big issue," Halter said.

Whether students live on the West End or in the Heights, Halter said he wants the best for everyone's children. "I'm going to grow old one day, and I want those kids running the city, running the local government, and running bigger things than that to have the best education. I want to do the best part I can, and I would just say, give us a chance. Help us explain what we're asking,'" Halter said.

Board members are also discussing what to do with the vacated Rimrock School located near Rocky and the school's anti-bullying program.