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Anti-Bullying Campaign

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According to our state's Superintendent of Public Instruction Montana is the only state in the country without an anti-bullying law, so Denise Juneau is going around the state to take a stand.

Since state lawmakers did not pass an anti-bullying law during the last legislative session. Denise Juneau is taking the issue to the Board of Public Education to create her own system, and she's trying to form partnerships with district officials.

Juneau says it's called the stand with us against bullying campaign.

"In the past we then took a rule to the Board of Education, which is sort of like a state school board, and they created a new world for schools to follow that basically saying here are the definitions of bullying. Here's what cyber bulling is," said Juneau.

Juneau's campaign defines cyber bullying, and will make is mandatory for schools to have a clear policy in place.

Billings is the first district to take that policy, and create an anti-bullying campaign.