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Parade of Homes Showcases New Features

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The annual Parade of Homes kicked off its tour throughout the Magic City this weekend. It's an opportunity for folks to glance at 16 different homes to see what each design has to offer.

Organizers say the parade has been busy despite the rain on Saturday.

"It's been a great indoor activity for our public today and I think we're already ahead of ticket sales from last year," said Lauri Patterson, chair of the 2013 Parade of Homes. "People like to dream and like to see the big beautiful houses, but they also like to see the houses they can afford and I think that this parade gives people the opportunity to see a little bit of everything."

But it's also a chance for builders to showcase their talents.

"It's great," said Jake Brosovich, Yellowstone Basin Construction's builder. "I mean, it's great marketing and you can touch base with people here actually looking for products and that sort of thing so more than anything it's great exposure. I'm a fairly new company, a fairly small company, so for me it's great."

The home Yellowstone Basin Construction built has all kinds of features, like remote access to the thermostat and lights. Builders say most questions people ask are about the features.

"The idea of going out and seeing the new products and seeing what's available on the market and just being able to go out and look at some nice finishes and nice homes," Brosovich said about what people can see on the tour.

The event brought more than 5,000 people last year. And, organizers are hoping to break that record this year.

Organizers say the parade is going on Sunday and next weekend. Tickets are $10 for adults and free for children under 11.