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Clinical Trials Add to Economy

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A new study shows clinical trials provide cutting edge research that advances science and patient care, which benefits our local economy.

PhRMA researchers wrote the paper. More than 800 clinical trials have been conducted in Montana since 1999. Most of those trials targeted debilitating diseases like cancer and heart disease.

"We not only have a strong potential to develop safer and more effective drugs, but we also are trying to improve our ability to predict and even prevent disease," said Jeff Trewhitt, PhRMA's public affairs spokesperson. "And a growing amount of this cutting edge research has been conducted here in Montana."

According to the research, the trials add more jobs to the economy. In 2011, there were 2,308 jobs in biopharmaceutical companies in Montana. Furthermore, employees in biopharmaceutical companies pay approximately $17 million in taxes. Patients receive care right here in Billings and that adds to the local economy.