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Cadets Experience CSI Class

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If you ask real-life crime scene investigators, some might say the television shows depicting their jobs aren't entirely accurate. That's why Billings CSI likes to walk the Civil Air Patrol Cadets through crime mock-ups.

Television shows like CSI Miami and Law and Order can be misleading, because they show things like a finger print being traced in a computer, when that's really not the case.

"I think that's good for anybody to understand what's real versus what's on TV, and these types of activities are great for that type of thing," said Detective Brett Lapham with the Billings Police Department.

It's important for search and rescue teams like Civil Air Patrol Cadets to know the difference.

Civil Air Patrol Cadet, Nick Willett, has been looking forward to the experience all week.

"I can certainly get a lot of stuff from this. I could know how to transport a body, help a body," said Willett.

The Civil Air Patrol Cadets is a volunteer-based search and rescue program for 12 to 21 year olds. On Thursday night, a Billings CSI detective taught them how to respond at a crime scene.

"Things are kind of fun because you can spread things out, and have the kids, or whoever your audience is, look at a lot of different types of evidence," said Lapham.

They say one of the biggest myths in TV shows is the time factor, because a crime scene just like the mock-up can take up to 6 months to get the lab results back.

He also hopes the learning experience peaks the interest of kids.

The crime scene mock-ups they presented Thursday night, are the same they give to the police academy.