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Operation Finally Home

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CODY, Wyo. -

Livingston Elementary School was happy to sing to veterans as part of a big celebration that has been taking place in Cody, Wyoming.

James Butz, a retired veteran, was nominated and awarded a mortgage-free home.

Butz has gone through 19 surgeries. His leg suffered an injury in 2007, and doctors tell him he has 10 years before his leg must be removed.

"They picked a wonderful couple, Jim and Donna Butz, to receive the first home underneath this new and worth while program," said Charles Cloud, former Cody Councilman.

Operation Finally Home chose James and Donna because he's a retired vet, and both pay it forward.

"You just kind of look at their life and the things that they've been through. It's kind of a question, why not them?" said Andrew Curtis, linear Technical Services Manager.

James and Donna nominated 2 other couples for the house in October 2012.

"I know many veterans that are worthy of this, and I never thought we would be, but it really gives us an opportunity to pay it forward," said retired Chief Petty Officer, James Butz.

James is the first wounded warrior from the Coast Guard to receive the gift.