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Lockwood Sewer Project

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The Lockwood sewer project is about to enter phase two, which could bring a sewage system to Lockwood residents.

"The problem with Lockwood as far as groundwater, is the high nitrate levels and the septic tank drain field system do go into the groundwater system, and eventually it makes its way, if not totally to the river, towards the river, and contaminates our groundwater sources," said Woody Woods, Lockwood Water and Sewer District Manager.

If phase two is passed, the Lockwood Water and Sewer District will borrow $9 million to pay for the project. Some in the area will have to pay more taxes to pay off the 30-year loan.

Some residents are upset because their area does not need the sewage system, and the costs are too expensive for them. They say each neighborhood originally was supposed to raise money for their own project.

Wednesday night, Lockwood residents showed up at a community meeting to sound off about the sewer project. Some support the project, while others are definitely against the idea.

"So you got a lot of senior citizens, different things that are. It's hard on them to make that type of sacrifice when they are on a fixed income or anything else," said Walt Morris, who is opposed to the sewer project.

Carlotta Hecker, a supporter of the sewer project said, "I just hope the people in Lockwood look at what's best for Lockwood, not what's best for me. We heard a couple people tonight say, 'well I don't need it for me.' We're looking at the Lockwood community."

Lockwood residents will vote on the bond issue for the second phase of the sewer project November 5th.