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Turtles Released Into the Wild

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Five turtles got a chance to return to the wild this week. The Humane Society released four rehabilitated snapping turtles and one western painted turtle. Eight baby turtles died before being turned over for care. David Pauli and the Humane Society took in the remaining turtles and taught them the necessary survival skills before being released. The turtles new home will be the floating islands international in Shepherd. He says, "This particular series of ponds has a infestation of non native bull frogs and these turtles are going to concentrate on the tadpoles as they have been eating tadpoles for the last couple of months and there going to help control the tadpole bull frog population and also have a readily source of food." The Humane Society wants to warn people not to take in these animals as pets because they are difficult to properly care for.