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Explosive Specialist Shares Knowledge

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Most people don't think of explosives as liquids. They tend to think of them as solids, but you've probably already heard of one.

Nitroglycerin was invented in 1847, and is used as a medical treatment for heart pain. When you mix unnamed chemicals together, you get a dangerous reaction.

Authorities say you can't have more than 3.4 ounces of liquid on a plane, and that reason is for an explosion.

That's why public safety members, firefighters, and law enforcement are here learning from an explosive specialist.

"What this training was designed for was to familiarize first responders on the scene on what to look for in case of improvise explosive devices," said Lieutenant Kevin Iffland.

Quickly they caught on to the difference between a white, and black smoke explosion. It even can reach up to a thousand degrees.

Light colored smoke may indicate a smaller fire, and it's not just firefighters and police officers who need this knowledge.

Lieutenant Kevin Iffland adds, the worst thing a teenager can do is experiment with explosive chemicals.

"Number one if you're mixing things together that you find on the internet, they don't know the volatility of it, and the amount of damage that something like this can do," said Iffland.

Authorities say the goal is to stop something before someone gets hurts.