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Middle School Lockdown

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Lewis and Clark Middle Schoolers were placed on lockdown Tuesday, after a student who made a violent threat, did not show up for his suspension.

School District Two has stepped up security in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Educators said even though Tuesday's lockdown turned out to be a false alarm, it shows just how prepared everyone is. According to Lewis and Clark Middle School principal, Steve Pomroy, we're living in a different time. "We've beefed up our security. So, any time we get a threat of whether it's a bomb or a weapon, we immediately go into safety mode. Whether that's evacuation or lockdown, we're pretty good at what we do," Pomroy said.

Principal Pomroy said the Billings Police Department is telling educators to be more proactive to keep kids safe. "Each teacher may have two or three different plans of lockdown procedures in case of an active shooter, and they don't share this with anybody except for me," Pomroy said.

During a lockdown, everyone has a job whether you're the secretary clearing the hallways, Principal Pomroy manning the front door and communicating via email to teachers, or retired Sheriff and Billings Police Resource Officer, George Zorzakis, communicating with the police department. "You don't even think about it. You react based on your training, it kicks in, and you do the job that needs to be done to make sure everyone goes home at the end of the day safely," Zorzakis said.

Zorzakis said no matter what causes a lockdown, officers respond within minutes. "A young student disappeared who had previously made a threat. We weren't sure where he was at, and we made steps to make sure the students in the school were safe," Zorzakis said.

Nearly 20 minutes after the school was placed on lockdown, the suspended student was located without incident.

Principal Pomroy said Tuesday lockdown was properly executed. After the lockdown was lifted, school resumed as usual, and letters went home with students at the end of the day.