C-SPAN's 2013 Cities Tour - KULR-8 Television, Billings, MT

C-SPAN's 2013 Cities Tour

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Billings, along with 19 other cities, will be featured in C-SPAN's 2013 Cities Tour, a cable TV program highlighting literary life and history in each city. C-SPAN crews take a break from Washington D.C., and tour cities with a history, including Billings and six historical sites in the Magic City.

"We're able to showcase the literary life as well as the history and culture of that city," says Rachel Katz, Marketing Specialist with C-SPAN.

And the Magic City has a lot to tell. The Western Heritage Center is one location that will be featured in the segment.

"We'll be talking a little with them about Billings history and about Frederick Billings and some letters Parmly Billings wrote when he was here," says Julie Dial, Executive Director of Western Heritage Center.

C-SPAN will also feature Pictograph Cave State Park, Pompey's Pillar, Little Bighorn Battlefield, Yellowstone County Museum, and the Huntley Museum of Irrigated Agriculture.

"There may be things that you don't know about your own city that we're able to showcase or there may be things that you already know that you can now pass on to family and friends who are coming to visit," says Katz.

"I think that we are a hidden treasure and people don't really realize how much we have to offer here," says Dial.

It'll give the nation some insight into Big Sky County, the history that surrounds us, and the place we call our home.

"I think it's great for people who live around the country, who may not get to travel to all of these cities, to really see what different cities are out there in America, what history is out there," says Katz.

"I think it shows us that we have made a very good choice in where we live. And it shows us that we, everyday, the actions that we make, every single decision that we make does make history. It does make a difference. And here in Billings, we're the kind of people that gets things done and I think that it's being recognized on a national level and that is very exciting," says Dial. "I think that a lot of people will discover nationwide what a great treasure we are and what a great place this is to live."

The segments on C-SPAN featuring Billings will kick off on October 4th, starting with an interview with Mayor Tom Hanel. The Book TV segments will air beginning at 10 AM on Saturday, October 5th, on Book TV/C-SPAN2. The history segments will air Sunday, October 6th, starting at 3 PM on American History TV/C-SPAN3.