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Small Business Receives State Recognition

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A small business downtown Billings got a special recognition. Secretary of State Linda McCulloch recognized the Rubber Stamp Shop for being a business in good standing.

The two shop owners say they believe that local businesses are the backbone of our nation.

"There have always been the big factories and things like that and they have their place, but when it comes down to the actual workings and all the jobs that we have in America, most of it is small business," said Roy Wahl, the Rubber Stamp Shop's owner.

The Rubber Stamp Shop has been in Billings in the same storefront since the 1960s. Now, their business is still going strong even though most rubber stamp stores have been closing down or diversifying.

"The big box stores decided they were going to enter the marking and printing services part to augment their office supplies," Wahl said. "They came in with a very low price and really put a crutch on a lot of the small manufacturers."

They adapted to the times by adding new technology to make the stamps more efficiently.

"We on the other hand have stayed really competitive with anybody in the nation for that matter and of course we've got a lot of clients from a lot of big cities that order from us and it's one of those things that has helped us, between that and the low overhead, and our longevity here," he said.

But most of all, they attribute their success to being a local small business.

"I think it's being local and I think honest work, hard work," said Bernie Wahl. "You know, we want to give a good product. We don't want you to just get anything."

A part of Linda McCulloch's visit also put the Rubber Stamp Shop on Montana's recommended notary list for supplies.