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Increasing Awareness of Teen Suicide

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BILLINGS - says every 17 minutes in the United States, someone commits suicide. Thursday night MSU-B showed a documentary to increase awareness on teen suicide.

The Director of Let's Talk, Mathew Eisen, said the documentary is really about getting people to talk about mental health, depression, and suicide.

He also says reaching out to others for help is the first step.

"So you talk to adults, and they think teens have it so easy these days, but it's just the opposite. We interviewed the principal at the Miles City High, and he talked about how tough it is to be a teen these days," said Eisen.

Business Insider says Montana ranks at or near the top for suicides in the United States.

That's why MSU-B theater students and The Global Health Equity Foundation stepped in to create a documentary on teen suicide.

They filmed it in Miles City, and while they were there someone who wasn't associated with the documentary killed himself.

"The problem here in Montana here, is people do not talk about it. We have a cowboy up mentality here that people don't want to address this. So our campaign, it's called Let's Talk," said Eisen.

Even though it hasn't been easy, Sarah Keller, MSU-B Associate Theatre Professor, says they won't stop trying to achieve their goal.

"We're encouraging young people to reach out to each other and to adults in their communities as well as professionals," said Keller

The documentary is being shown in middle schools, high schools, and youth centers throughout eastern Montana.