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Hunger Action Month Kicks Off

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September marks the nationwide Hunger Action month, drawing attention to the need to end hunger in America. The Billings Food Bank is promoting the campaign and they're also getting some help from a large group of volunteers in town for the week. The international song and dance group Up With People performing in Billings this weekend asked to help out during the big push.

Laura Nuñez is a cast member from Mexico. And she said the crew is happy to give back to the communities they travel to.

"It gives you a feeling of fulfillment for sure. A feeling of wholeness. You feel so good about yourself. So obviously we do do it for other people, we want to help, but we get so much back from it too," she said.

"Summer is our biggest time of need. We have more transient workers going through. We have people that are coming and doing the agricultural jobs, and the spot jobs, and construction," said Sheryle Shandy, the executive director of the Billings Food Bank.

Nearly 50 volunteers from the troop packed boxes of food for the needy. They are also participating in numerous other outreach and public service events for the week leading up to their performances at the Alberta Bair theatre this weekend.

"We want to make a difference. We want to change the world and make it a better place," said Nuñez

After up with people performs in Billings, they will be traveling to Lame Deer where they also plan to perform and help out where ever needed in the community.