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How to Get Your Concealed Weapons Permit

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With the scare of the serial rapist, who Billings Police say they arrested, many women in the Magic City said they'd be getting their concealed weapons permit. And while no one will ever know the true reason for the rise of applicants, statistics show the number in the last six months is almost exceeding the total amount of applicants in all of 2012.

"There's just not enough people and not enough hours in the day to handle every one that we would like to get done," says Sheriff Mike Linder of Yellowstone County about approving concealed weapons permits.

But don't let that stop you. Sheriff Linder says it's taking anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks to approve at this point. But that number can change with any sudden rise in applicants.

Linder says, "if you plan on getting a concealed weapons permit, go ahead and put the application in."

In 2011, there were just 633 applicants for a concealed weapons permit. Then in 2012, the number grew drastically to 1076. And out of nowhere, the number now is almost reaching the total of last year's applicants just in the first six months of 2013 alone. From January to June of 2013, the number of applicants is 1048. And all you need to do is fill out some paperwork and get some training.

"You have to be able to show that you had some kind of familiarization with a firearm before, that's by state law to obtain a permit," says Linder. "Do one that you actually handle the firearm," as opposed to a classroom style concealed weapons training.

"There are classes are that you can go in, do the classroom, and get a certificate and never go in to a range. And the problem with that is, once you take a class like what we offer down here, you realize that there are so many factors that play in to that," says Nadine Fredrickson, co-owner of Three Sights Indoor Shooting Range. Fredrickson says in the class at Three Sights Shooting Range, you learn exactly how to cary that weapon and how to do so responsibly. "You have a responsibility to be able to shoot effectively, you need to be able to hit what you're aiming at, you need to be able to do it safely. And you need to be aware of what the law is and how that reads."

The cost of a concealed weapons permit is $55 and $30 for a renewal. You can pick up the paperwork at the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Department and call to set up an appointment to start the process of receiving your permit.