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Labor Day Tourism

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The Billings Chamber of Commerce expects a lot of tourists to stop in Billings this Labor Day weekend.

Billings is a stop many travelers make whether they're going to Yellowstone National Park or the Little Bighorn Battlefield.

"We call ourselves the trail head and that's exactly what we are," said Shelli Mann, the Tourism Business Improvement District's vice chair. "There is so much to do, so much to see right here."

Airport officials say this Labor Day weekend is expected to be just as busy as previous years as it's the last holiday of the summer.

"Friday and Labor Day are probably the last big day we'll see from the summer," said Kevin Ploehn, the Billings Logan International Airport's assistant director of aviation and transit. "Then after we hit the weekend, people have pretty much left and are on their way there. So we drop off significantly. Part of that has to do with school starting."

With about 45 hotels, the magic city can house a little over 4,000 guests and most of them are full for this weekend. Tourism creates jobs and business for the town.

"The travel industry is a huge employer here in Billings," Mann said. "The more business there is in town, the more jobs there is, the more money there is for all of us."

The Chamber of Commerce says tourists spend money at gas stations, restaurants, and stores, which helps the economy. But this weekend isn't the end of travel in and out of Billings.

"If you don't have children and school and have the ability to do it, then this is a great time to travel," Ploehn said. "Once the summer season's over, the prices start to get a little better."