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Background Checks for Businesses

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The recent arrest of the alleged Billings rapist, who is a registered sex offender, is leading to questions about companies and background checks.

Background checks are not full proof and are not mandatory. Background checks can be anything from matching the resume with social media to a thorough criminal check.

Toby Griego worked at Mattress Land for seven months and then was arrested Monday for two sexual assaults of Billings women.

Although a Google search of Toby Eugene Griego shows that he is a registered sex offender, employment specialists say using Google for background checks is inconsistent.

"The most important thing is for an employer to have a consistent process and to make sure that they're pulling background checks and checking references that are consistent with the position they're hiring for," said Maria Sewell, Billings Job Services employment specialist.

Mattress Land president Craig Barthel tells us in the twelve years he has run the business, he does not know of an employee committing a crime. He says no one knew Griego was a registered sex offender in New Mexico. Barthel could not comment on the exact process his company goes through for background checks because of pending investigation

Employment specialists say businesses must follow the same specific process of checking and things can be missed.

"Often times, employers will pull background checks on somebody statewide so if they are not pulling a full nationwide background check they may not necessarily know that that person has been convicted in another state of a crime," Sewell said.

Background checks don't always mean criminal checks either.

"Basically character references," Sewell explained. "It's basically a way for an employer to know that they're hiring the right person for the right job."

Mattress Land's Barthel says his heart goes out for the victims and he commends law enforcement for the great job they did in arresting Griego.

Employment specialists say companies conduct checks based on the kinds of jobs people apply for. Employers pay for the background checks.