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Highway 87 Concerns

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Lockwood schools started last Wednesday, but Highway 87 remains a concern for many in the area. Now that a homeowner has blocked a popular path kids used to walk to school.

School is back in session, and parents are concerned about their children walking along Highway 87 in Lockwood. That's because students here have used this path to get to school for 33 years, but this year the landowner decided to put a stop to it. Lockwood's Superintendent explains the neighbors reason.

"Evidently someone at one point threatened to sue him, so it was a safer option to block it off, and quit allowing use on it," said Novasio. Even though rattlesnakes live in these canals, kids are now being forced along the canals on Highway 87 to get to school. Sixteen-year old, Dustin Freese, was hit and killed on Highway 87 last January.

Jo Cowley says, "Life is priceless, and to lose a child is like the worst thing in the whole world." However, the County Commissioner says that in order to fix this, residents will have to dig into their wallets to pay for it. Kennedy said, "A lot of it is going to depend on what people are willing to expand and pay for to create these sidewalks."