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School Construction Wraps Up

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School District Two is almost back in session, and nearly 30 schools in Billings have some changes in store. Many construction workers are wrapping up their nearly 100 projects among various schools in Billings. Some of the improvements include a new roof, windows, and playground.

"It smells different. It smells newer and cleaner and you can already tell that the air quality here is going to be better," says Kyra Gaskill, Principal of Burlington Elementary.

Burlington got quite the facelift over summer, with one of the biggest changes being a new boiler.

"We should have a 30% better air quality, which means that kids will be more alert," says Gaskill.

It's something many teachers are excited about.

"That'll help the kids because they'll have better air quality, and keep them more alert. They'll be able to learn better because of it," says Melanie Nafts, a 2nd grade teacher at Burlington.

Not only will it create a better learning environment, it will help those with allergies stay more focused.

"A lot of teachers that were here last year just have seen a lot of changes in the air quality with like allergies and just breathing some fresher air," says Burlington 1st grade teacher Heather Blakesley.

Burlington also has a new roof, and all new lighting fixtures which are better for kid's eyes when the teacher uses a projector.

"You're able to dim that appropriately for whatever you might be doing on one of those technology pieces," says Gaskill.

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