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Fifth Big Sky Truck Fest

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ACTON, Mont. -

Diesel trucks revved up to race today at the fifth Big Sky Truck Fest. The race is more than just an adrenaline rush.

"We're hoping to see 200 mph today," said Dawna Kraus, a top diesel racer.

"We're last year's world champions and right now we're world points leader," said Brad Makinen with G&J Diesel.

"We're here to try to take over the points lead and possibly set a new record," said Wade Moody, Pro Stock truck racer. "We're trying to step it up every time we go to another race."

Diesel enthusiasts gathered at the Yellowstone Drag Strip to race their vehicles.

"Trucks, right?" said Randy Cole, the National Hot Rod Diesel Association's president. "Everywhere you go there's trucks around here so that's what we're about. We've got trucks from Baltimore Maryland right now. There're trucks from Edmonton, Alberta. There's a ton of Billings. A bunch of guys from Missoula came up so it's trucks and that's what we're about is diesel trucks."

The NHRDA came to Montana as a part of the organization's diesel drag racing series.

G&J Diesel helped bring the NHRDA to big sky country.

"One of our first events we ever went to was down in Denver," Makinen said. "And they had the rocky mountain truck fest and I thought boy that'd be fun to have one in Montana because nobody has ever done it."

The Billings company also became interested in diesel after discovering its power.

"We started 20 years ago just doing repair work and when the newer electronics came out on these diesel engines we found they go way faster and lots of horsepower," he said. "So then we started racing them. And that's how this came about."

The event includes diesel drag racing, truck and tractor pulls, sled pulls, and the crowd favorite, the burnout contest.