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Volunteers Help Make Billings Clinic Classic Possible

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Golfers from all of South Central Montana and Northern Wyoming participated in four tournaments for the 30th Annual Billings Clinic Classic, with the hope of raising money for a new surgical service center at Billings Clinic. But the fundraiser isn't possible without volunteers.

"It's many many hours, many many hours of work that goes into it. And without volunteers, we could not, we could not possibly put this together," says Peg Smith, Billings Clinic Director of Volunteer Services. "They help us in so many ways of making it possible and turning it in to just a fabulous event."

For non-golfers, volunteering is a chance to be involved in the event in another way. But it's also a way to give back and meet the people who help raise money for the Classic.

"I am definitely not a golfer but I love being out on the greens and I love being on the carts," says Lu Byrd, who has volunteered for the last six years. "What I love about volunteering is the people. I get an opportunity to interact with each of the individual teams."

Some volunteers work at Billings Clinic, others are just members of the community. Whatever their role, their want to volunteer is essential for making the classic possible.

"I come back because I have belief in Billings Clinic. I think this is a wonderful fundraiser," says Byrd.

"I think volunteers can meet new people, give back to the community, and just be apart of the event," says Smith. "I don't truthfully think we could do it without the volunteers."

With four tournaments in the Billings Clinic Classic and a concert with American Idol winner Jordin Sparks, Billings Clinic hopes to raise one million dollars.