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Community Meets to Discuss Fire Concerns

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Dozens of concerned residents near the Rock Creek Fire spent some of Thursday evening asking questions of local, state, and federal fire officials.

The team of officials emphasized their main priorities in fighting the Rock Creek Fire include the safety of firefighters, and the protection of people and property.

The fire experts say the coordination effort has been extremely organized since day one. They continue to inform the public of important information dealing with the direction of the fire and access to the roads.

"The public needs to know that they're doing everything they can, but they also need to know that with all the fires going across the western part of the United States, they're short of resources. They've done a very good job with the resources they have, and they'll just keep working at it," said Carbon County Commissioner John Prinkki.

Fire Public Information Officer Asano Otsu said, "Firefighting inherently has some risks, and fire managers first and foremost objective is to keep firefighters and public safe."

Fire officials say they are doing their best to get information to the public as quickly as possible, and they've had plenty of practice during previous fire situations.