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Plane Crash Survivor Talks About the Experience

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A 17-year-old Billings teen, who crashed a plane on a solo flight, is giving her first television interview since that accident.

KULR-8's Katharine MacKnight sat with McKenzie Morgan Thursday, where McKenzie said she was confused about her location in the air, and next thing she knew, her attempt at landing was unsuccessful. But even after crashing in rough terrain Northwest of the abandoned mining town of Kerwin, she was rescued and returned home to her family unharmed.

"We sat on our deck for several hours not knowing anything about where she was," said Kristy Morgan, McKenzie's mother.

"As soon as I crashed, I'm upside down hanging with my shoulder harness and my lap belt, the only thing that's really keeping me secure in there. And I started freaking out. So I made a video to my parents, just to say bye and whatever in case nobody found me. Yeah, I'm based crying the whole time and I'm like, sorry I crashed it and I don't know if they'll be able to find me but if they do and they check my phone records, I just want you to know that I love you. And hoping whatever you're going through right now isn't too bad and I'm sorry," said McKenzie, who showed the video to her parents after her rescue. "They cried. My mom cried, my dad choked up. I cried. I showed my grandma too and yeah, she balled a little bit."

"There's nobody for miles and I realized it was going to be a long walk, and I didn't have that much food with me. Half an hour or forty-five minutes in, I saw Josh, the horseback rider and his horse and I started screaming for help. That was crazy, just to see somebody out in the middle of nowhere with a horse who could bring me back to safety. At that point, I was relieved," said McKenzie, who was spotted by two hunters who saw the crash. "And I was trying to calm down and trying not to freak him out or anything so I was like, 'Oh hey, I crashed my plane over there.' And he laughed a little bit and was like 'Yeah, I saw that. I'm really glad you could walk out.'"

"I am so thankful that they had the wherewithal to get to that location and send somebody else for help," said Kristy Morgan after learning the two hunters separated to call law enforcement for help.

"I know everyone has been telling me that somebody was there watching over me and that's definitely, I believe that one hundred per cent. So faith is stronger through that definitely," said McKenzie. "Since the crash, I hung out with my family for a long time, spent time with them. And we all talked and had fun like normal... To be given that extra opportunity to do it, you take it. You have to."

"I'm going to finish, I'm going up tomorrow in the airplane again. So, I mean it's quick, quick turn around. But going up, just getting back in it before I get too scared and don't want to anymore. Because I loved it and I still do, and I want to pursue that," said McKenzie. "I mean to survive that. There's got to be somebody there just looking out for me. I mean, I like to think there is anyways. That's kind of a cool feeling, just to know that something that horrible happened and I walked away with just some scratches. That's unheard of."

"How do we take this situation and turn it positive? How do we learn from this? Where do we go from here? What's next? Stay strong. Stay positive," said Kristy Morgan. "I wasn't ready to say goodbye. And I'm glad I didn't have to."