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School Year Preparations

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School is right around the corner and many parents and kids are excited for the upcoming school year. But with just over a week left of summer, there's a lot you can be doing with this time to get your kids ready for the start of school.

What are we going to work on this year? What's really important to you?

Those are some questions you can ask your kids in order to set goals before the school year begins. That's according to Burlington Elementary Principal Kyra Gaskill. Another way to prepare ahead of time, get back into a routine.

"I think the very first thing that's important is to start to get kids back into a routine. And getting them to bed earlier and then up earlier," says Gaskill.

Getting into that routine before school starts is one way to set them up for success.

"We want kids to come back rested. They are excited to come back but we want them to start off on the right foot," says Broadwater Elementary Principal Joe Halligan.

But with the excitement of a new school year, also comes nerves. A good way to alleviate those jitters is to take a tour of the school, or take advantage of back to school night.

"Kids can come in and bring all of their supplies, meet their teacher, find their desk and get a little organized, so that first day it's not so overwhelming," says Gaskill.

Halligan says it's a great idea to tour your school, especially for people new to the area. "Just get a lay of the lands so your kids can walk in the first day feeling a little more comfortable with where they're going to be attending," says Halligan.

And don't for the school supplies. Let your child pick them out themselves.

"Just giving kids some ownership of that will help the buy-in and will help them hopefully be more excited about coming back into the classroom," says Halligan.

Gaskill says these are great tips when preparing for the school year, but there's one thing you can do throughout the year to get your day on a good start. "Before each day of school, making sure everything is set up so the morning starts out really a happy time instead of a chaotic time," says Gaskill.

Stress the importance of not being tardy and not missing time in the classroom to your children. And don't let appointments take away from your child's class time.

"Get in to the dentist. Get in to the eye doctor. Get in to your pediatricians. Get those appointments taken care of, if possible, before the start of school so that kids are not being pulled out of school, missing class time for thoseappointments," says Halligan.