"Nebraska" to Wrap Up in Billings - KULR-8 Television, Billings, MT

"Nebraska" to Wrap Up in Billings

BILLINGS - Shooting is wrapping up in Billings for the Alexander Payne film "Nebraska." The Academy Award winner, Alexander Payne, brought his cast and crew to the Magic City for a multi-day shoot. The film "Nebraska" is about a father and his estranged son. It follows the two on a road trip from Montana to Nebraska on an adventure to collect a questionable million-dollar prize. Producer, Albert Berger, told us this drama brought a cast and crew of around 150 to billings for up to two weeks. "We all have to live somewhere. We all have to eat somewhere. We are very much looking forward to a weekend here so obviously there is money pumped into the community. Plus, a good number of those people are hired locally," said Berger. Billings Chamber CEO, John Brewer, says the production company alone spends about $25,000 a day and it all goes into our community. "The production company is also spending money in our community for props, and construction work and things like that. But in addition to that, the long-term impact is the public relations value. To see Billings truly and really portrayed on the big screen and then on DVD and for years to come. It really is a great public relations tool for us," said Brewer. Production for "Nebraska" was scheduled to last around 9 days in Billings, but with setup, some of the crew will be here for two weeks. The film is scheduled to finish shooting in just a few more days and will then go into post-production. It stars Bruce Dern and Saturday Night Live alum, Will Forte. "Nebraska" is set to come out sometime in 2013.