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SD2 Bond Election In November

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After a decision by SD Two's Board of Trustees Monday evening, voters in Billings will vote on a bond issue for the school district, as a part of the district's Facilities Master Plan.

"I feel more confident now than I would have when I first started coming to these meetings," said a member of the public at the meeting, as the Board began discussing plans for the bond election. Should voters approve of the bond on November 5th, SD Two will have funds to build two new middle schools.

"I know the task is daunting, and that budgets and staffing will have to be critically examined in order to make this all work," said Castle Rock Middle School Principal Shaun Harrington. "But I feel very strongly, after being here for 33 years, that if there's an administrative team and a school board that's ever been in our district, now is the time."

Before the final vote took place, Trustee Kathleen Aragon, who represents Zone Four, expressed concerns over the long-term costs of the facilities.

"We can't open something and say, 'oops, we can't afford to fill this,'" said Aragon.

"A lot of people out in the community understand that the conditions that we have our kids in right now, absolutely is not right!" said Superintendent Terry Bouck.

In the end, the board voted, 5-2, to approve the bond election. In addition, the board also approved plans to purchase land next to Bitterroot Elementary.

"We need to get this moved forward. We're ready to do it, and ready to begin the process, and go to bat for this huge step for our district," said Board Chairman Allen Halter.