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Motocross for the Family

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Motocrossers from all around celebrated the last race of the season with the Big Sky Motocross Challenge.

Riders jumped, turned, and sped up to race to the finish line. The event brought riders of all ages, including an entire family.

"We race motocross as a family," said Joe Horner, a 30A class rider. "My daughter races. My son races and I race. We ride the whole series. It's just what we do in the summertime."

Horner has been racing since he was 15, and riding even before that. His enthusiasm for the sport has carried over to his kids as well.

"I've been cheering for them a lot, so I decided to dirt bike," said Meghan Horner, his daughter. It was her first time racing.

"It's pretty fun," said Cameron Horner, his son. "I'm glad I can do it and my dad and my sister and it's pretty fun."

"We can all be here together," Joe Horner said. "We can all participate in the same event. I think they get all kinds of things from friendships with other kids to discipline to having to take care of themselves and learning to compete and be self-sufficient."

Horner has been showing his son the ropes.

"He's my manager pretty much," Cameron said. "My mechanic, I should say. He works on all the bikes and I help him too and we just do it!"

The motocross races at the Billings Motorcycle Club ended at 5 PM Sunday.