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2nd Annual Chicks N Chaps Rodeo Clinic

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For the second year in a row, a number of women got a chance to learn more about the art that is rodeo, while helping out a great cause.

"It's a way for Breast Cancer patients and their families to have help that they may need during treatment," said Bonnie Wells. She is also a cancer survivor.

"It was tough. I mean, there's all the expenses and things to worry about," said Bonnie. She said she has been in remission for less than a year. She is one of many women attending the Chicks N Chaps Women-Only Rodeo Clinic. The event, according to materials from the organizer's website, cost $65 to attend, and started with a reception under the Grandstand.

Proceeds from the clinic, according to organizers, will go towards those battling Breast Cancer.

"We raised over six thousand dollars last year, so hopefully, we raise more this year," said Lorissa Harris with the clinic. "We teach ladies who know nothing really about rodeo. We just give them a brief overview of rodeo, they get to meet the cowboys, and sit in the Chick Pit at the Rodeo."

The event is, for obvious reasons, open only to women, and there was only 150 slots. For Bonnie, the clinic means much more than just learning about a very Montanan summer pastime.

"It's just about getting together and having fun, and celebrating life basically," said Bonnie.

For Bonnie, it's also about paying it forward.

"My whole goal, after treatment, was to be able to get back, and help other Breast Cancer patients," said Bonnie.

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