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Enrollment Numbers Up

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More and more kids are going to our local schools. Even private schools are feeling the impact.

School is just around the corner and enrollment is going up. Billings Christian School has seen 100 more students enroll compared to last year, leading their total enrollment to 225.

"We're really attributing that to families that have had a great experience here telling their friends about it and so it's really been fun to see that growth," said Marca Vogele, who helps with Billings Christian School's marketing.

The increase can also be attributed to more jobs so more families coming into Billings. But, they also say it's because of what the school offers.

"We just feel that with billings Christian being fully accredited and a private Christian school," Vogele said. "The small class size is what is pulling the families to come in."

The school has wait lists for classes because of the increased popularity.

"Our preschool program and our first grade have a wait list," she said. "Just because we cap those numbers pretty low so they have a lot of one on one attention but our average student teacher ratio is 13 to 1."

Because of the growing numbers of student at the school, leaders want to expand to accommodate more students who want to attend.