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Air National Guard Mobile Experience

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Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of the Air National Guard? You can try out some simulations at MontanaFair.

The Air National Guard set up a mobile experience at the fair so people can see what air guard men and women go through every day and educate the public on what it does for the community by allowing people to participate in gaming challenges.

"We're taking them through basically from the recruitment experience to the BMT, basic military training experience, all the way to tech school and then we're going to send you to drill weekend," said Joe Williams, the mobile experience tour manager.

Three challenges test physical strength, medical knowledge, and surveillance skills. The Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance challenge shows a satellite image for five seconds and then has participants answer a series of questions.

"We're out and about just to support all the local Air National Guard units all over the country," Williams said. "We've been on the road since April. We're traveling all over the west side of the United States just helping out with any and all the recruitment units in all the states."

The interactive experience will be at MontanaFair through Saturday.