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Family Refurbishes MetraPark Benches

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If you take a break at MontanaFair this week, and sit at one of the picnic benches, you will have a family to give thanks to.

Dwight Buttman and his sons, young Dwight and Jacob, refurbished 75 picnic tables at MetraPark as a community project this year. 13-year-old Jacob even earned credit towards his Eagle Scout requirement.

Dwight said the project, which lasted for three weeks, was a lot of fun, as well as a lot of hard work.

"They were pretty busy and stuff, and of course they got a couple of splinters here and there, but it feels good to see everybody sit down and using the tables they went ahead and put together," said Dwight.

In addition to earning credit towards Eagle Scout requirements, Jacob also earned $750 for the project. Dwight said Jacob used the money for a summer Boy Scout trip to Medicine Mountain in South Dakota.