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Women's Shelter Flooding

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A month after devastating water damage, the Montana Rescue Mission is in the early stages of its recovery.

"Basically since that time, we've been going through cleanup," said executive director Perry Roberts.

In early July, two toilets on the second floor started flooding. Roberts says sewage backup caused water and fecal matter to overflow. The high bacteria count prompted a full building decontamination.

"We just isolated everything off to keep guests safe and started clean up," he added.

Insurance is covering a lot of the damage, but Roberts estimates a remaining out-of-pocket cost of up to $100,000 dollars. The kitchen was hit the hardest, and it needs a completely renovation. In the meantime, all meals are now being served at the men's rescue mission. Program Director Glen Fournier said Volunteers are a huge help in the renovation process.

"We're okay with the problems that we're going to have to solve, because we want a better kitchen," he said. "And we want to provide the best kitchen that we can for the guests that we serve."

If you want to volunteer, you can reach the Montana Rescue Mission at (406) 259-3800.