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Two MontanaFair Rides Gets Adrenaline Pumping

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Without a doubt, there are many rides at MontanaFair to choose from, but two rides may be in a class by themselves at the fair.

So special are the two rides, that normal fair ride tickets and wristbands won't work.

"I'm definitely an adrenaline junkie. I will do anything," said Laurel resident Marcus Herzog, referring to "Speed", one of the two rides at the fair that requires separate tickets. "This ride is the epitome of thrill rides. It's beyond -- it's fast, it's high, and it's just all around awesome."

Marcus was on the ride with fellow Laurel resident Khyree Harper.

"I've always been the type that just loves being adventurous with different rides," said Khyree.

KULR-8's Kenneth Wong joined Marcus and Khyree on the ride. The ride was definitely high on adrenaline.

"I got up there, and I was like, 'I like the view up here,' and I was like, 'it's gonna be really scary. My heart's pumping really fast'. But then, after I got it, I was like 'oh my god, this is awesome!'" said Khyree.

"Speed" costs $10 to ride. It is not, however, the only adrenaline-heavy ride at the fair. "Slingshot" is another ride at the fair that is adrenaline-heavy. Its intensity is such that participants are required to sign a release form before going on the ride.

KULR-8's Kenneth Wong joined Darby Hering on the ride. Screams could be heard when the ride was launched.

"It was crazy, and the adrenaline was, like crazy. It's really fun though. It was worth every dollar," said Darby.

All three said they will be back.

"I probably would go on it again. It would be worth it again," said Darby.

"If you don't care. You're just like, 'whatever. I'm just gonna go on it and do it,' then I would do it," said Khyree.

"Just do it! That's what I'd say. YOLO (You Only Live Once)!" said Marcus.

"Slingshot" costs a $25 to ride.