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Stunt Show at MontanaFair

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If stunt person was ever on your list of things to be when you grow up or you just dreamed about trying, you're in luck. At MontanaFair there's new entertainment where you can be the stunt person.

KULR-8's Emily Nantz got a chance to check it out.

"I'm here with Kevin Ridgeway with the Movie Stunt Adventure and they're here in Billings, MT for the first amazing experience we did a little bit of training before you even allowed me to come up the tell me a little bit about Movie Stunt Adventure and why it's so much fun."

Kevin Ridgeway:

"Well we have a great stunt show high falls fights scenes a lot of good action for the audience but the best part is after the show that's where the audience gets to be the star. Go through our ground training much like you did. Work their way to the tower and get 4 jumps flying through the air and landing on a real stunt air bag."

Emily Nantz:

"How far up are we right now?"


"Right now we're 19 feet in the air"


'And how high up do you allow people to go?"


"Up to about 40 feet."


"40 feet is pretty high."


"It is indeed and then our guys will be jumping from 47 feet doing double flips, back flips, two really good fight scenes definitely a lot of fun for the entire family."


"What are the residents here kinda like when you're taking them through the training and then getting them up into the tower and letting them fall?"


"It's funny. It's everything from little 7-year-old girls who's doing great to a whole family who's jumping to a guy who's maybe pretty cocky and thinks he wants to go to the very top. Once they start working their way up, they realize once you start hitting 25, 30, 40 feet the bag starts looking pretty small."


"Where did this concept come from?"


"From different types of stunts we do with the various show and then really learn that the audience would love to do this themselves. You don't typically get to do it. In fact, typically you don't even see the air bag in the movie. That of course is always edited out."

"And so now they get to see this live in person which is pretty rare, but now take a step further and do it themselves."

If you want to check the show out it runs everyday of the fair at 4:15, 6:30, 8 and 9:30 pm. If you want to fall from the tower the cost is $20 for 4 jumps.