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MontanaFair Food

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The rides, the concerts, the games, and of course the food. Those are the things that bring everyone to MontanaFair.

Fried cheesecake, chocolate covered bacon on a stick, s'mores on a stick, that's just some of the food you'll see at the fair. And a deep-fried cheeseburger. That's called a Cowpie.

"Well I think when you're at the fair people are used to deep frying food and I think as of right now, we are the only place on the planet where people deep fry cheese burgers like this," says Brian Halverson, co-owner of Guttbusters. "Should taste a crunchy sort of outside, and then they're saucy, you've got to be careful. And then you should taste the angus and the smoky barbecue bacon and cheddar warm on the inside. Should be delicious."

And though many people come to the fair ready to indulge in the fried deliciousness, there are also other options that are just as tasty, but much healthier for you.

"We don't own a deep fryer, we don't do anything battered anything, or fried anything. All of our food entrees are all cooked on the grill so it's more of a fat free healthier type of food," says Patrick O'Brien whose concession stand is famous for their Bourbon Chicken Skewers.

But it's not just the grilled bourbon chicken skewers that make this stand healthy; it's the jasmine rice and the steamed vegetables.

"Quite honestly, the reason that people keep coming back to us is because of the flavors of our recipe," says O'Brien.

"Everyone of the booths is worth stopping at. They all have the greatest food," says Paulette Henshel of Billings.

Mike Otto of Billings says, "It's just better than house food. Cause they add more spices, just tastes better."

"There's a bunch of variety. You can choose what you want. You only get it a couple time a year," says Jayelyn Ruckman from Fairfield.