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Hogs and Dogs at the Fair

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Racing at the MontanaFair has literally gone to the dogs and the hogs also. Pooches and pigs run around a mini track with many kids squealing in delight.

Cook's Racing Hogs and Dogs traveled from California to bring pig racing to MontanaFair for their first time.

Charlie Cook and his family have been racing pigs for more than 25 years. They use wild pigs because they grow slower and can race longer. The pigs and dogs rush for a delicious ice cream or Oreo cookie treat at the end of their lane.


"We want them to see the pigs," Cook said. "We want them to learn how old they are, how much they weigh and how quick they learn to race around the track. It only takes three days. The first day they walk. The second day they jog. The third day they're hitting the top speeds that you'll see here today."

The races happen three times a day and children can place free bets. If the pig or dog they bet on wins, they get a blue ribbon.