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Horseback Riding Builds Character and Passion

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At Sunday's Agriculture Appreciation Day at MontanaFair, the open horse show showed horseback riding isn't all fun and games.

"Probably a lot of responsibility," said Kodi Myher, an open horse show contestant. "Like every morning, every night I go out and feed and do supplements."

Contestants for the open horse show say they are learning life lessons from the bonds with their horses.

"It teaches you like leadership and teamwork and it also is character building I guess," Myher said. "When things don't go your way, kind of, you just have to kind of suck it up and go on."

For rider Mamie Hertel, her horse, Hank, helped her become more interested in agriculture.

"I live on a farm," she said. "And I understand like for my 4-H record books, I have to keep track of how much he eats and how much it costs. So I definitely understand like how I have to work to be able to feed and everything."

Hertel said spending time with her horse helps here get away from everyday life.

"I think horses are just so much different from like what we have today with all our electronics and everything. They're something that you can't control completely which makes it exciting, but you just love them because they show affection towards you."

These riders say the horses give them a connection and passion for riding. It's a love they couldn't find anywhere else.