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MontanaFair Sneak-A-Peek Night

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Sunny weather did not grace MontanaFair for its 2013 opening night, as storms earlier in the day gave way to cloudy skies. That, however, did not dampen the spirits of fairgoers.

As usual, the fair's midway was filled with people, even as fair officials put a big emphasis on food for 2013's fair. For some at the fair, like Rovery Lockrem, they are looking beyond the grub.

"I like the Zipper," said Robert, referring to a ride at the fair. "It's fast, crazy, fun."

Saturday is Ten Dollar Day at MontanaFair, where fairgoers can go on seven rides for $10. In addition, The Offspring will perform Saturday night, with Chavelle as the show opener.

Tickets for Saturday's concert range from $25 to $45.