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St. V's Displays New Addition

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One hospital in Billings has a powerful new image gracing the side of its building.

Crews were busy this week helping to apply a new window cling onto the side of St. Vincent Healthcare's Children Hospital, depicting staff looking up at a Help flight helicopter. Alpha Graphics owner Jake Eaton describes the amount of energy going into the project.

"A lot of man hours go into a project of this scale. Everything from finding the right image that's going to be high enough resolution, and the touch up design work that is involved in being able to make into something of this scale," says Eaton.

St. V's Women and Children Services' Lorna Dyk talks about why the window cling is so significant.

"Its a reminder of how important children are, both to our community and to our future. and the helicopter reminds us of we really are serving a region. Its oftentimes its the helicopter that brings children from small communities to St. Vincent Healthcare," says Dyk.

The window cling was started on Wednesday morning and finished on late Thursday afternoon.