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Up With People Helps MRM

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Montana Rescue Mission received some helping hands Friday from all over the world.

International service group Up with People has three of their members in Billings to prepare for a service event and performance in September. They volunteered their time to clean the entire first floor of rooms at the shelter to show what a little help could do.

"We can't do this alone," said Sheila Cole, MRM's volunteer coordinator. "If it weren't for volunteers we wouldn't be able to get things done that we do get done. So we're really blessed in that aspect. And it builds a lot of relationships within our community and these guys are from all over the world, so this is really nice."

The volunteers are from Belgium, Mexico, and Colorado.

"I think we know by now that global citizenship is the way to go," said Jolien Roelandt, a member of UWP's advance team. "The world is becoming a village. And I think it's a great way of exploring problems all over the world but then coming back to your community and realizing that your own community has problems too which you can help."

UWP will have 100 members come to billings in September for the event.

"I think it inspires people to do community service in their own community," Roelandt said.

The group travels for six months going from city to city around the world performing and doing community service.

The group is also looking for families to host a student during their time in Billings.