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Balloons in the Sky

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Sunday was the last day of the Magic City Balloon Rally and pilots took to the big skies.

The rally attracts pilots from across the state, country, and ocean.

"I like to fly hot air balloons and we have friends here in Billings," said pilot Peter van Overwall. "And a lot of balloon pilots that come here that I know and they're friends, so it's kind of a gathering for us."

Van Overwall is from Belgium. Many came from Canada and other parts of the United States. But the weather had prevented many of them from flying until Sunday.

"Normally the wind is coming out of the west blowing to the east and that's not happening at all," van Overwall said.

Even though Sunday's weather was better, conditions were not ideal for van Overwall.

"This morning is the best morning," he explained. "But still, the wind is so light and variable that the chance that we get stuck with our pink elephant somewhere above a congested area I don't want to take the chance, so we like to watch it."

About 10 pilots flew their balloons Sunday.