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Peaceful End To Laurel Standoff

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LAUREL, Mont. -

A residential street in Laurel became the site of an armed standoff Friday.

According to Laurel Police, the standoff began after a call came in at around 9 AM, and law enforcement then arrived at a house on the 900 block of 3rd Avenue at 10 AM. U.S. Marshals were joined by Yellowstone County Sheriffs and Laurel Police at the home for a standoff that lasted until Friday evening.

Local U.S. Marshals office officials say they were looking for Joel Prescott for a parole violation. According to public record, Prescott was convicted in 2007 of operating a clandestine drug laboratory, and criminal possession of dangerous drugs.

At the start of the standoff, four kids and an adult woman were inside the house, but all were out safely by 2:30 PM. While hostage negotiators worked throughout the day to try to end the situation, Laurel Police Chief Rick Musson said the end came rapidly at around 6 PM.

"We had an offer from probation officer Steve Hurd. He used to have him under his watch. Still have a good rapport with him. 'do you want me to come in?' I said, 'yes come on up.' We made a decision to bring him in, let him talk to him on the phone. Didn't take him very long to convince him to come out," said Musson. He said it took no more than 15 minutes after the probation officer arrived for Prescott to step out of the house through the back.

Law enforcement took Prescott into custody, and U.S. Marshals Office officials say he is now in the Yellowstone County Detention Facility.

In addition to charges related to violating parole, U.S. Marshals official say Prescott can also face additional charges for felony possession of a firearm.