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Up All Night Draws Crowd

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Many who have an appreciation for the arts, are pulling an all-nighter Friday Night.

The art lovers have a good excuse. They're staying wide-awake for the Yellowstone Art Museum's "Up All Night" event. Activities include everything from a dream workshop to Zoo Montana's presentation on nocturnal animals.

The all-nighter is the end of a buildup to a day dedicated to the arts in the Magic City.

"We just wanted to present the community an opportunity to see this art work. Instead of during the day, we wanted it to be at night when you have those, I don't know, maybe a different perspective on the world," said Adam Restad with the Yellowstone Art Museum.

Before the all-nighter, the afternoon started with an Artwalk.

KULR-8 visited a number of galleries on Montana Avenue, many of them were bustling with people.

One of the galleries presented the work of photographers, who submitted photos they took during a 24-hour period in June.

The all-nighter wraps up early Saturday morning.