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Battin Building Bidder Revealed

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Winning bidder number three for the Battin building has been revealed.

The General Services Administration confirms the bidder for the old federal courthouse in downtown Billings is a Washington state based tire company, the Colorado Tire Corporation.

According to the Colorado Tire Corporation's website, the company is the global leader of performance-guaranteed off the road tires. The company won the bid after an auction, which lasted for weeks. A local tire company, L.P. Anderson, is situated downtown on Montana Avenue. Owner Tom Bonogofsky isn't sure whether the two companies will be rivals.

"A purchase like the Battin building to me says investment more than competition," says Bonogofsky.

Bonogofsky doesn't anticipate the building will be used for production.

"There's no retail access, there's no warehouse storage there's no -- I mean its an office building," says Bonogofsky.

He says he's not sure whether the corporation will drastically affect anything in Billings as far as retail goes.

"I'm really going to be surprised if this is really an active production company that has an impact in our trade area," says Bonogofsky.

City officials like Mayor Tom Hanel would like to see the tire company be a benefit for the Magic City.

"I'm always for promotion of growth and business development in Billings," says Hanel.

But the plan for the building is remains unclear.

"That building has sat there long enough its been empty long enough we need to get something going and make use of it," says Hanel.

Several calls to the Colorado Tire Corporation have not yet been returned.